Importance of Car Maintenance in Avoiding Accidents in 2021

Remember in December 2020 when we were all counting down the days to the year’s end? It felt like 2020 had been so crazy if we could just turn that calendar page we would have a fresh year, fresh start. Then followed the elections, more COVID, even the snowpocalypse.


Everything is more complicated, including car maintenance. It’s harder to schedule service, harder to make time in already packed schedules to get it in, just all around harder.


Texas and Louisiana residents are increasingly putting off things they used to stay on top of. We’re driving less and hardly traveling at all, so it seems like car maintenance can go to the bottom of the list, or at least close to it.


However, if you put off car repairs and it causes you to have an accident, your life will get even more complicated. Let’s talk about the importance of car maintenance in avoiding accidents in 2021.


Personal Injuries Could Have Worse Outcomes


Emergency medical personnel are already stretched thin. Hospitalization rates are still up for COVID patients. People who put off medical care are starting to see complications from conditions they should have been treating all along. Emergency rooms and paramedics have all they can do to keep up.


That means their response time and availability to help after a car accident could be affected. Also, a hospital or emergency room visit could expose car accident victims to COVID-19 and other germs.


“There Was a Pandemic Going On” Isn’t a Legal Defense


Homeland Security CISA guidance says auto repair is an “essential” service. That means businesses involved in repair, maintenance, equipment manufacturing and parts distribution have been encouraged to stay open all along and not affected by state or local stay at home orders.


Many auto repair and oil change facilities were quick to offer contact free service to protect customer health. It’s never convenient to get your car serviced, and you might have to wait in the vehicle, but it’s possible. So if you didn’t stay up to date on car maintenance and you caused an accident, you’ll still be held liable.


Leaving Cars Parked Increases Maintenance Needs


Some people think because they haven’t been driving much, they don’t need to worry about car maintenance for now. However, vehicles aren’t meant to just sit. When you park your car for weeks or months at a time, you have a greater risk of problems like these:


  • Dead batteries – Disconnect your battery if you’re not going to drive for a while, or use a trickle charger to keep it from losing its charge.
  • Fluids breakdown – Your vehicle uses fluids to lubricate moving parts, but they break down over time. Rubber and plastic components also dry out and crack.
  • Flat tire spots – When your tire sits on the same spot for weeks, a portion of the rubber can become hard and flat. You could have a blowout when you do start driving again.
  • Faulty brakes – When you don’t use your brakes, they can start to rust, making them less effective next time you’re in traffic.


Experts say it’s good to start and drive your car at least every two weeks and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance.


When You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer


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