6 Reasons a Personal Injury Lawyer Might Not Take Your Case

You’ve seen the billboards. Somber-faced personal injury attorneys in Longview, Shreveport, Tyler and the surrounding areas stand tall and ready to work for you. They promise to make sure you don’t get hurt twice, to win justice and to strong arm insurance companies into giving you what you deserve. Then you request a free consultation only to find they won’t take your case. What makes that happen? And are there times you should get a second opinion? Keep reading to find out the reasons a personal injury lawyer might decline your case.

You Waited Too Long

There’s a statute of limitations on personal injury cases. In Texas, generally that time frame is two years from the date you were injured. Whether you were injured in a car accident, got hit by an 18-wheeler, took dangerous prescription drugs, experienced an oil field accident or any other type of injury, the clock starts ticking the day you get hurt. If you don’t file your lawsuit within two years from that date, there’s not much any attorney can do. That’s why it’s best not to wait to start talking with a personal injury attorney right after an accident.

Your Case Seems too Complicated

Sometimes cases aren’t cut and dried. It can be hard to establish a clear connection between what happened and who was at fault. At times, victims do things that make it hard to win a case. If either is true in your situation, some personal injury attorneys will decline your case.

Maybe you were partially at fault for your car wreck. Or perhaps you didn’t seek medical help, so it will be difficult to establish your injuries came from what happened to you. There are also situations where an attorney just doesn’t have any experience dealing with issues like yours and they feel the learning curve will be too steep and cost both of you too much in the long run, that it’s better for you to find a personal injury attorney with experience in cases like yours.

Monsour Law Firm has extensive experience with complex oilfield injury cases, dangerous drug lawsuits, personal injury from car accidents and wrongful death claims. What some attorneys consider too complicated we see as familiar territory. And we find connections where often others can’t.

The Attorney Lacks Resources

Most personal injury lawyers take cases on a contingency fee basis. That means they don’t get paid until the case is settled, then their fees are a percentage of what you receive. Most personal injury lawsuits take months, sometimes years. That’s a long time to wait for a paycheck, especially if there’s a chance that check isn’t a sure thing.

A personal injury attorney might reject your case because they lack resources. If it’s going to take too long or require too much manpower to do the required research, they might recognize they won’t be able to see it through.

At Monsour Law Firm, we don’t reject clients because we feel it will take too long to get justice. We decide based on the merits of the case.

They Won’t Get Paid Enough

You’ve heard it said you can’t get blood from a stone. Sometimes no matter how much you deserve compensation for what you suffered, there’s just no money available. The defendant doesn’t have any money to pay you, no matter what the court rules.

For example, if you were in a car accident and the other motorist was uninsured and you lack coverage for that from your own insurance company, you might be able to obtain a judgment against the at fault driver. But if that person is destitute, likely they’ll never be able to pay a large settlement.

In other cases, injuries are minor. Compensation is usually proportionate to how badly you were hurt. If you only stand to receive a small amount, it may not be enough for some attorneys to feel it worth the trouble.

There’s a Personal Conflict

Sometimes it really isn’t you, it’s them. Experienced attorneys spend a lot of time reading and evaluating the feedback they get from people. They know how critical it is to have a good rapport with clients, to have a good “fit” between their firm and the people they’re fighting for.

During your initial consultation, an attorney might decline your case if they feel you won’t work well together. It feels like rejection, but in many cases it’s the right move. If you and your attorney don’t both feel comfortable with your relationship, it’s better to make a change at the beginning than to struggle through your lawsuit and risk a poor outcome.

You Didn’t Talk to the Right Personal Injury Attorney

With Monsour Law Firm, the first consultation is always free. We’ll evaluate your case, answer your questions and give you an idea what might come next. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Schedule your initial consultation today.