Compensation for Soft Tissue Injuries in Shreveport, LA

One of the toughest challenges car accident victims face is when it comes to obtaining compensation for soft tissue injuries. A broken bone or dislocated joint shows up in an X-ray. There are tests for reduced organ function. Blood and bruises can be photographed using just a cell phone.

Soft tissue injuries are just as real, but harder to measure and to prove. That doesn’t mean you can’t receive compensation, it just means you need a Shreveport LA personal injury attorney with experience representing people like you.

Most Common Soft Tissue Injuries in Shreveport, LA

Soft tissue injuries can happen from damage that occurs over time, like when a tennis player or runner uses the same body parts again and again and damage occurs. It also happens from sudden events like falls or car accidents. Here are a few of the most common types of soft tissue injuries we’ve seen people experience in Shreveport and surrounding Louisiana communities.

  • Whiplash – When people are in a car accident, the sudden shift from moving to stopped causes a violent jarring, a whipping action of the head and neck. Individuals might have sprains or strains.
  • Soft tissue sprains or strains – Tendons and ligaments are meant to move and stretch, but only so much. When accidents occur they can stretch too far and sometimes tear.
  • Contusions – If a person falls or experiences the impact of a car wreck, capillaries or blood vessels can become damaged and leak blood into the tissues around them. Contusions are also known as bruises.
  • Concussions and brain contusions – When swelling, bruising or bleeding happens around the brain it can be life-threatening.
  • Cuts – Shattered glass, flying debris and hard surfaces can cause lacerations that require emergency medical treatment and can become infected.

Proving Soft Tissue Injuries After a Wreck

Some soft tissue injuries are easy to prove. For example, if breaking glass left you with a gash on the arm that required 23 stitches, you have medical evidence and probably a scar to show what you went through.

However, a neck or back injury can be extremely painful, but the injury is harder to document. We help clients gather evidence to support their soft tissue injury claims. Evidence may include:

  • Video or photos of the accident scene.
  • Pictures that show damage to your vehicle.
  • Medical scans or images.
  • Photos of your injuries after the accident and during recovery.  
  • A record of days off work due to your soft tissue injury.
  • Your pain journal.
  • Eyewitness testimony from the accident.
  • Interviews with friends and family members about your condition after the accident.
  • Medical visits and physical therapy attendance.

Don’t put up with anyone who seems to think you’re making up an injury or the pain is all in your head. You shouldn’t have to justify what you’re feeling on top of everything else. When you schedule a consultation with Monsour Law Firm attorneys, we’ll listen to what happen and offer straight talk on what comes next. Click here to get in touch.