3 Reasons Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits Are Unique



If you ride, you know a crash is always a possibility. If you’ve been involved in a bike wreck, you also know there are very few similarities to being in a vehicle collision. Motorcycle accident lawsuits are unique, so if you were injured on your bike, you need a personal injury attorney who has worked with cases like yours.


The Biker is Much More Likely to Get Hurt


The NHTSA gathers data on all types of vehicle crashes, and they point out there’s no such thing as a “typical” motorcycle crash. There are more variables involved, more things that can go wrong. Unfortunately, if you’re in a bike wreck, there’s a high probability you’ll be injured. Over 80 percent of reported motorcycle accidents cause injury or death.


You love riding because of the feeling of freedom and independence, the lack of interference between you and the road. You treasure your bike because when you ride it, you feel one with the machine. Every part of your body feels connected, involved and alive. You have a maneuverability and speed no vehicle can match, because you’re lighter than the smallest passenger weight car. But all that comes at a price.


There are no safety panels, seat belts or air bags. You don’t have the protection of a reinforced steel frame. You have increased agility to avoid a crash, but if one occurs, you’re a fragile human being made of bone and flesh, and that makes you extremely vulnerable.


You’re also more likely than a vehicle driver to be ejected if you come to a sudden stop. If you fly off your bike at speed and strike surfaces, the impact can do massive amounts of damage.


Road Conditions Matter More


You’re on two thin wheels. Passenger vehicles have four. By default that makes you less stable than they are on slick pavement, gravel, muddy surfaces, ice or any other adverse condition. If a passenger vehicle hits a pothole at high speed, it might jar everyone or pop a tire. If you hit one on your bike, you could end up in the hospital.


Motorcyclists Face Prejudice


In motorcycle accident lawsuits, sometimes there’s a tendency to assume the biker was at fault simply because they ride. There’s a stereotype that still views motorcyclists as impulsive, reckless brawlers that ignore speed limits and ride like their skull is on fire. The thing is, motorcyclists engage in risky behavior like speeding or drinking and driving about the same amount as vehicle drivers do. When these factors contribute to a crash, it’s usually the biker who pays the price.


If you have an ongoing motorcycle accident lawsuit, stay calm if the insurance company or the other driver insinuates you must have caused the crash because bikers are “always reckless.” Find a lawyer who understands the skill, self-awareness and restraint it takes to ride and will help you steer away from stereotypes and stick to the facts.


One common issue occurs when the motorcyclist wasn’t wearing a helmet. People want to say they don’t take safety seriously or engage in reckless behavior when that’s the case. However, in Texas, you’re not required to wear a helmet if you’re 21 or older, you’ve taken a rider safety course and you have adequate health insurance coverage.


Hire a Personal Injury Attorney for Your Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit


When you schedule a free consultation with Monsour Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys sit down with you and go over your case. We’ll fight to help you receive the highest possible amount of compensation for your injuries, and we won’t get paid unless you receive a settlement.