If you were injured by a defective product like an IVC Filter or Transvaginal Mesh, your life may never be the same again. You acted on the recommendation of your healthcare professional to try and give yourself the best in medical care. Instead, you received an injury. You need a defective product attorney with experience fighting for people in your situation.

The road to receiving compensation can be long. Manufacturers don’t want to admit liability or hand over money to cover your medical costs. You need the best defective product attorney for your situation, one who has a proven success record and who won’t rest until you get what you deserve. Here’s what to look for.


There are some legal issues where you basically need the right kind of paperwork and sound advice. If you’re starting a company, buying a property or making a simple will, you probably don’t need someone with the kind of experience it takes to make the best defective product attorney.

When your lawsuit deals with a defective product, you’re not filing against an individual. You’re dealing with a company that may have significant resources and high motivation to protect their name and bottom line. In most situations, they aggressively try to deny your claim or to get you to settle for much less than it’s worth. The best defective product attorney knows what’s reasonable and how to proceed when things get tough.

Many people start their search for the best product liability lawyer online. When you Google it, look for attorneys with experience in cases like yours. If they negotiated settlements for other people in your situation, there’s a better chance they can do the same for you. Monsour Law Firm publishes case results on our website so people researching personal injury attorneys can see what other clients have experienced when working with us.


A defective product attorney probably isn’t going to tell you about dissatisfied clients. That’s when reading reviews can be helpful.

When you’re thinking about trying a new restaurant or buying a car, you might ask family members and friends for advice. Most of us have seen those social media posts appealing to pretty much everybody for a recommendation or review. However, we find clients are sometimes hesitant to share publicly what happened to them in a defective product case. Your injury might not be something you want to share with everyone you know. That’s where reading online reviews about personal injury attorneys in your area can be helpful.

Find out what other people say about their communication style, compassion, responsiveness, willingness to research and negotiation abilities. The best product liability attorney isn’t afraid to put you in touch with previous clients.


Product liability cases are expensive. They take time and research. When you read case results, do you get the sense the attorney you’re considering was willing to dig for information no matter how long it took or how costly it was to obtain?

Most personal injury cases start on a contingency fee basis. At Monsour Law Firm, if you never receive a settlement, we never receive a dime. If a case stretches out for months or years and costs thousands to prepare, always ask yourself if the lawyer you’re considering has the resources to see things through.


When you sit down for a consultation, you should feel comfortable talking to the attorney you’re considering. Find someone who explains legal issues in plain language. Ask questions like the following:

  • How long have you been in practice?
  • What cases have you handled in the past that were like mine?
  • Do you normally represent plaintiffs or defendants?
  • Would you personally handle my case or would I work with someone else in your firm?
  • What are your fees?
  • Have you received any honors or awards?

At Monsour Law Firm, we’re here to protect your rights. Schedule a free case review to speak with an experienced defective product attorney.